STARGATE SG1 – Hero F-302 Glider Binder

• Character MULTIPLE


• More Info –  This prop blue binder features a front official logo for the F-302 and the inside includes multiple pages, concept drawings, schematics etc. regarding the glider.

***When the experimental X-302 was added to the United States Air Force fleet, it became officially known as the fighter craft, F-302. The hybrid craft is equipped with inertial dampeners and is capable of leaving the atmosphere and returning. A space-worthy fighter-interceptor aircraft reverse-engineered from Goa’uld technology but entirely human-built, the F-302 uses a multi-engine control system developed by Colson Industries, and requires a naquadria-powered hyperspace generator because of its small size.


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.6 kgs 37x21x18 cm

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